Woowww! I congratulate you, my dear curious friend for finding my very well hidden second diary. You have already read the first one so nothing is secret anymore. Well, read this one too but I warn you, don’t ever think that “I know the first one this must be quite similar.” Not at all. This is the Super Kid talking! My each and every diary is more super then the one before. In my first diary, my biggest concern was about seeing Allah. You already know how I solved this issue. In this diary, I have a more interesting question: If I have super powers, can I talk to Allah? You have never imagined before, haven’t you? If you have, just tell me that I can make you a member of the Super Kids’ Club. OK there is no such club but if you want to we can form one. If you don’t have super powers, don’t be upset. I gave all the details of having super powers and talking to Allah in this diary. If you read it carefully you can be as super as I am. Well, maybe not as much as me but quite close..

I have been hiding this diary from everybody but it seems you found it. Alright, I'll let you read a little bit. I don't mind you finding out that I am ™the Super Kid∫. Actually I can't wait to see the shock in your eyes after reading my diary. Why don't flowers eat steak? Did Uncle Salih made all stars at the sky? Who did sew my finger when I accidentally cut it? I answered lots of difficult questions in this diary. You ask how? Because I am super. OK Fine! My grandma answered it but so what? At the end , my Super Diary, my Super Grandma and I, the Super Kid, we made up a perfect team! And I realized by time; if I look with my super eyes, I can see Allah. Maybe you have super eyes that you are not aware of them yet. And you can see Allah too! Of course you cannot be as super as I am! Don't get too excited!

A beautiful cat named Titiz lives in a house along the Bosphorus. She has many questions in her mind about the sea, and so she ventures out alone to find the answers.

One day, Keloğlan’s mother gave him a book. This was the only legacy his father had left him before he died. Opening the book with curiosity, Kelo€lan found in it an interesting map and a message: “My son, this is the only legacy I can ever leave for you. Only to you does this belong. Spend it however you please. But take care that you gain something as you spend.” Kelo€lan read these riddle-like words over and over. “Gain something as you spend...” The more he pondered, the more he wondered... How could you spend and gain something at the same time? An entertaining fairy-tale about friendship, freedom and kindness...

Doğuştan bülbüller gibi güzel şarkılar söyleyen Gukki’nin sesinden diğer kargalar hiç hoşlanmazlar. Çünkü onlar karga sesi dinlemeyi seviyorlar. Bu durumda Gukki ne yapmalı?


Kitap, yerel ve evrensel temaların işlendiği 6 hikâyeden oluşmaktadır. Her hikâyenin sonunda okuduğunu anlama, gramer aktiviteleri ile hikâyede geçen kelimeleri öğretmeyi amaçlayan picture dictionary veglossary bölümü yer almaktadır. Basic English Stories serisi, Campus Education, Oxford University Press ve the U.S Department of State için İngilizce materyal ve müfredat hazırlayan ve yine İngilizce düzensiz fiiller alanında Youtube’un en çok izlenen videosunu yapmış olan Jason R. Levine tarafından incelenerek öğrencilere tavsiye edilmiştir. Amerikalı Kyle Helke editörlüğünde hazırlanan hikâyeler sade ve akıcı bir üslupla yazılmış olup, Amerikalı Elise Pohl tarafından CD’ye okunmuştur. (CD HEDİYELİ) Müfredata uygun, uluslararası kalite standartlarında hazırlanan, birbirinden ilginç ve eğlenceli hikâyelerden oluşan bu kitabı İngilizce öğrenen herkes severek okuyacak.